Vicar's Message

Rev. Jacob P. Thomas
Rev. Roshen V. Mathews
Assistant Vicar

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings to all in the loving name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Trinity Mar Thoma Church family is extremely glad and highly honored to host 19th Diocesan Sevika Sangham National Conference. Women of the church had always played crucial roles in the build of the church and its ministries. Their faithfulness to the church community, their respective families and work places had been the vital force that nourished life, faith and fellowship for generations. It is appropriate to acknowledge the fact that the Indian Christian communities in the US in general and the Mar Thoma diaspora communities in particular are built up gracefully because of the hard labors of its women members. We are celebrating that relentless faithfulness of women expressed through generations by meditating on the theme “Women as agents of life.” The legacy that is associated with the origin of Sevika Sangham ministries is that of the compassionate extension of the incarnating reach of the love of God through great women like Kandamma Varghese to the fellow women who were in need. Let’s explore the possibility of a contemporary manifestation of that ministry in our gatherings around this conference in a time when we celebrate the 100 years of our journey together as Sevika Sangham. Let us praise God for making use of our Sevika Sangham for the glory of God in these days in many different ways. May this conference turn out to be a great blessing for all of us! Welcome to Houston! Welcome to Trinity MTC! Welcome to the Diocesan SS Conference!

In Christ’s service,

Rev Jacob P. Thomas

Vicar, Trinity Mar Thoma Church